Tuesday, April 16, 2013

August 29, 1954 Letting Go of the Turtles and Ann's Braids

David, The Turtle, Bobby and Lynn

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We just finished breakfast but I'm still not in the habit of my weekly letter yet and I thought I'd write before the day had slipped away without my doing it.  Things are rather quiet.  Wattersons have gone away for a few days and the children are lonesome.

We have done a lot of work since we got home and get awfully tired but try to rest between each big job so we won't get too tired.  The cleaners can't take the rugs for two weeks--they are so busy--but it won't take but a few days to clean the rugs when they do take them so we are getting the walls done and will clean & wax the floors while the rugs are gone.  I'll start on the last room this week and then want to patch the paint on the woodwork.  It is chipped.

Buddy, Bessie & Dana came by for just a little while on Wed.  They were on their way home and wouldn't stay all night.

I'm glad your dishes finally came and were o.k.   You didn't have to pay any duty on it did you?  Are you as pleased with it as your expected to be?

The children had a lot of fun with the turtles at first.  Then we started unpacking their old things and they were more exciting than the turtles so they let the turtles go.  They are probably still in the neighborhood but I hope they stay out of sight.

I finally got the courage to cut Ann's hair.  It was so hot.  We had a royal battle trying to shampoo it and I made up my mind right then.  Toni cut it and we are going to put a little curl in it when Toni comes home.  I tried to pincurl it but it squirmed out of the pins.  She looks real cut with it short and I'm glad we cut it.  I know it is cooler.  We'll send some pictures when we can get some taken.

I must get dressed and wash the dishes so bye for now."

                  Lots of love,


NOTE:  Soon after returning to Illinois, we packed up and went for our annual summer time visit with grandparents in Richland, bringing back the usual stash of box turtles.

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