Monday, April 15, 2013

August 23, 1954 Back to Normal (Illinois that is!), The Walls are Dirty, The Cream was Still Sweet, The Butter was Still Solid and The Children are Perfect

Dear Mother & Daddy,

This is the only paper in sight so I'll just use it.  We are all fine but tired.  The children have played so hard and been awfully good.  They have had a wonderful time re-discovering all their old toys and with Toni's kids they find endless things to do.  It has been wonderfully cool most of the time and we've had rain two or three times.  Everything here is green and fresh looking.

We have the house straight at last and have things mostly put away.  The walls and woodwork are dirty so I'm going to start on them soon if it doesn't get hot.  We have everything from Sorensen's except my machine but I'm in no hurry for it.  It took one long day to unpack those boxes and put the things away.  B has worked three days in the basement and still isn't finished.  It was so dirty and cluttered.  The furniture is in pretty good shape.  The table and buffet have scratches but they won't show too badly when I get them polished.

Our freight hasn't come but should get here any time now for it has been a month since we got to San Francisco.

Our telephone number of 4-3949.  Toni has been taking calls for us and I know she'll be glad when people learn our number.  B has another speech to make and I have my first for a women's church group in September.

The children have had their check-ups now and are perfect.  Our good doctor is in the hospital--just worn out, I guess.  We went to one of his younger doctors in his office.  He is fine & we were very pleased with the examination he gave the children.

I'm out of paper so bye for now.  I'll write again next Sun. or Monday.



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