Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Look at 1954 Fashion, Food, Home and The Mambo

Dear Readers,

The 1954 letters have come to an end and it's time to organize for 1955.  Meanwhile, here's a peak at what was big in the popular press of '54.  I hope you enjoy it!   After a blog break of about a week or so, come back for the 1955 letters and a daily look at the popular cars of the year.

For the 1954 home:

 For the cook:

And 2 immensely popular products, with cigarette use peaking in about 1955:

For the shopper and seamstress:

Images from issues of Ladies Home Journal, Vogue, Time, Saturday Evening Post and Life magazines, 1954. 

For one of the top hits of '54:


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