Sunday, March 17, 2013

May 9 - 12, 1954 Rain! Learning the Tanko-Bushi, The Little Shrine and Emil Brunner Comes to Campus

Diary Entry:  May 9, 1954

"Rain--hard rain!  Stopped a bit.  Started a walk &  had to come back.  Bob collected about a dozen huge snails along the walls.  Mothers' Day.  Children gave me some tiny pearl earrings--very sweet."

Diary Entry:  May 10, 1954

"Elva Harper & I went into Kobe to shop.  Got silk, dashed home to help Teruko-san get supper.  Harbins last night.  Tamoko-san taught us the Tanko-bushi."

Diary Entry:  May 11, 1954

"Spent most of morning waiting for Harbins to leave, say good-bye.  Mrs. Outerbridge came to talk about dress for a wedding.  Got ready & went to Mrs. Sawada's home to see old writing sets--brushes, ink holders.  Such a collection and one 800 years old.  Came home by market in Kitaguchi.  Little shrine set up in shop where we buy vegs.  Old woman standing there singing her prayers before an offering of peas, bamboo shoots & egg plant all beautifully arranged.  

Had our first strawberry shortcake."

Diary Entry:  May 12, 1954

"Painting class. B had no class since Emil Brunner (the Swiss theologian) was on campus.  Mr. Ono brought pearls for rings for us to select.  B went to Osaka.  E.S.S. student asked if one of us would help judge contest.  I said yes & we would see him later about it.  He said he would see us & tell us which he wanted."

NOTE:  Use the link to an earlier post to see the Tanko-bushi, or watch below.

And for Bonnie's Strawberry Shortcake recipe: Use the link to find Angel Biscuits.  Brush with butter and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar before baking.  Hull and slice berries, sweeten to taste, fold in whip cream and spread in between sliced biscuits.  Top with berries and juice.

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