Thursday, March 14, 2013

May 4, 1954 Visiting Seiko Church Nursery School

Diary Entry:  May 4, 1954

"Left at 8:00 with McKnights.  Went to Kyoto suburb to a church nursery school.  Children 3-4-5.  All in blue smocks.  70 enrolled, 4 or 5 teachers.

Student pastor & wife run school.  Mothers do home work--work full set of shirt buttonholes for 1/2 yen--earn about 100 yen a day--sweat shop work such as lacquer, etc.

Children sang & were taught English by Mrs. McKnight with songs & finger play.

All marched to music & then gave program of dances.

Ready for lunch in groups.  We took obento up in tatami room of teachers.  Typhoon flooded area.  Water came in 2nd story window.

Rode out to see azaleas around Miyako Hotel. A mt.side of flowers.  Shopped a bit."

NOTE: Bonnie was referring to Typhoon Tess in Sept. of 1953 as described in earlier posts.


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