Monday, March 25, 2013

May 30 - June 3, 1954 The Levines Visit, Osaka Castle and Nara


Diary Entry:  May 30, 1954

"Baked & cooked most of the day.  Levines arrived at 6:00 P.M.  Kids gloriously happy to see one another."

At Osaka Castle

Diary Entry:  May 31, 1954

"A rainy day.  Children in house  most of the day."

Diary Entry: June 1, 1954

"Took all the children & we and Levines went to see Osaka Castle--once a fortress for the Ab. Lincoln of Japan.  Cab driver said, "I was in a sub at Pearl Harbor, Sumimasen" & laughed.

Tremendous stones used in castle--brought from all over Japan.  Met 3 Japanese men going to Am. under Fulbright program for labor group.  One lives in Nagawa.  Asked me to teach him English.  I promised to help him." 


Diary Entry:  June 2, 1954

"Rain.  Painting class as usual.  Girls to watch children.

Levines gone to Nara.  Hectic day with children in all day." 

Diary Entry:  June 3, 1954

"Up early so Levines could get early start to Takamatsu.  Spent day airing things."  


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