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May 25 - 29, 1954 Lunch at the Koshien Hotel, Painting Class and Teruko-san's Day Off

Koshien Hotel, now Mukogawa Women's University
Diary Entry:  May 25, 1954

"Mrs. Thompson walked to our house & we went to Women's Club luncheon at Koshien Hotel (army hotel).  Elegant luncheon in an elegant hotel.  Frank Lloyd Wright  style.  Musical program.  Stopped at several secondhand stores on way home."

Diary Entry:  May 26, 1954

"Painting class went to Rokko to paint at Edna Logan's house.  Lovely army homes on mt. side.  Ate lunch there & visited a while."

Diary Entry:  May 27, 1954

"B went to Kobe.  Yasumi--I stayed at home."

Postcards from Kobe

Diary Entry:  May 28, 1954

"Met Clara Kessler & Elizabeth Angle & shopped in Osaka.  Got woolen for my coat.  Picked up a few gifts."

Diary Entry:  May 29, 1954

"Took Ann to Kobe with me to fit my brocade dress.  She slept on train.  As we left train she dropped shoe horn on tracks.  Screamed & cried.  Motor man told me to wait.  Train man crawled under & got it for her.  Everyone smiling that she was happy."

Good news from Illinois

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