Tuesday, March 19, 2013

May 15 - 18, 1954 Cakes, Crowds, Slides and Pearls

Diary Entry:  May 15, 1954

"Sent cake to Kobe church bazaar.  Went in but found nothing.  Later bought my own cake plus another one."

Diary Entry:  May 16, 1954

"Shopping & crowds--Ugh!

Diary Entry:  May 17, 1954

"Cloudy day but no rain.  Got most of laundry dry.  Sewed & sent out invitations to a party.  We plan to show our slides to people on the hill & some Japanese friends." 

Diary Entry:  May 18, 1954

"A wonderful sunny day.  Doorbell rang all day.  Tried to sew all day.  Got my hair washed.

Mr. Ono brought my ring.  I had given him a picture of one & he had the mounting made.  'Tis beautiful.

Students came for help with English speech & then E.S.S. group came." 

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