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June 9 - 10, 1954 Iwashimizu Shrine, Taian Tea House and Myokian Temple

Diary Entry:  June 9, 1954

"A rainy day.  I went to painting class & after lunch we took the children for a walk along the river.  Bob saw a shell in the river.  Feels he must have it.  B judged E.S.S. contest & came home with flowers."

Diary Entry:  June 10, 1954

"In spite of rain, I left at 7:00 with Jane Teele & Mrs. Kato.  We met Mrs. Mitsui, men students of K.G. (members of tea club) & Miss Komaji (to interpret for me).  Took taxi to another station.  Local train far into country to Yawatacho. Climbed a few hundred steps up mt. to Iwashimizu shrine. Teacher prayed for our group.  All went back to tea ceremony house & had tea.  I took pictures.

Wonderful view of 3 rivers.  Back to shrine (Shinto), light sound of drum, where Sosho (teacher)of Omotesenke school of tea ceremony is offering tea to Emperor & Empress Ojin. He posed for me & 3 newspaper photogs. 

The real ceremony began.  Priests at side.  Young ones in white carried in offerings of food & drink (fruit, vegs, fish, sake, mochi) & put at altar. Tea ceremony began & cups offered to Gods, then branches from sacred tree offered by priests & special guests like prefectural officers.  Cups & branches carried to altar.  Men clapped hands twice & stood with bowed heads.  Audience could join in clapping.  Head priest read a poem--offerings carried out.  Priests filed out.  Tea utensils are all of wood & unpainted.  

Back to tea house & ate lunch we brought.  Tea ceremony going on at all times.  Rain pouring.  Walked to station.  Train to another station.  Walked thru Yamasaki village--thru red light district (doors full of girls), climbed dyke, road across river in flat bottom boat.  Water very swift & high so man poled up river & let float down.  Walked across island, another boat & then into Myokian National Treasure. 

Tea house of Sen-no Rikyu. One tiny tea room (2 mat), more pictures & more tea. 

Members of the Kwansei Gakuin Tea Club, see note below

Came home so very tired, cold & damp." 

NOTE:  I mistakenly identified the above photo in a previous post as members of the E.S.S. (English Speaking Society)rather than the Kwansei Gakuin Tea Club.        

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