Tuesday, March 26, 2013

June 4 - 7, 1954 A Birthday Party, A Beautiful Day, A Marvelous Day and A Rainy Day

Diary Entry:  June 4, 1954

"Beautiful day.  Worked at packing a trunk.  Sorted out gifts. 

Went with children to Becky's (Teele) birthday party.  Took some pictures and came back early."

Diary Entry:  June 5, 1954

"A marvelous day.  B had a class.  Children & I walked to Jelliffe's at lunch time & B came as soon as his class finished.  Lovely lunch.  Children had a good play.  We went on to Kobe.  Refitted my dress & B's suit.  Ordered silk shirts for Dads.  Home late."

Diary Entry:  June 6, 1954

"Pouring rain all day.  We stayed inside but not the students.  They were out running & yelling.  They yell as they run in large groups.  They believe they are building up their bodies yet so many have T.B. & not enough food.

Betty Levine & children came in about 8:30." 

Diary Entry:  June 7, 1954

"A wonderful day.  Children out all day. After lunch Betty & I went to Kobe--she for the first time."


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