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June 13 - 15, 1954 The Velvety Green Rice Fields, The Spectacle Shop, The Tea Tables, The Tea Set and The Last E.S.S. Session

Diary Entry:  June 13, 1954

"All still tired but a wonderful day.  After lunch we went out picture hunting.  Saw a woman in boots preparing a rice paddy.  Ground had been plowed & was flooded.  She was breaking clods of dirt with a wide hoe.  Seed beds are velvety green."

Diary Entry:  June 14, 1954

The sunglasses, 6/14/54
"Another rainy Monday.  B planned to see a man in Kobe about schools.  Call came from Jimmy Fujiwara that our tea table is finished.  At lunch my porcelain cap broke.  We got ready & went into Kobe to see Dr. Fukishima.  He spoke English & had a nice new porcelain cap (2500 yen) on in 2 hrs.  Still raining but walked to Fujiya furniture.  Got some sunglasses on the way.

Took a cab to workshop--large & nice.  Lovely tables but he wanted to give them another coat of laquer.  

Two of a set of 4 tea tables, completed late June, 1954

Silver service here when we came home.

The tea set and tray boxes

The tea set

Spectacle shop very tiny--room for 3 stools inside.  Selected frame & color for sunglasses.  Man ground lens to fit frame.  Very particular with all parts of frame.  Lined it all up."

Diary Entry:  June 15, 1954

"Last E.S.S. day.  Made ice-cream for them to have with strawberries.  They asked us to a dinner for Sat. night." 

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