Saturday, March 9, 2013

April 27, 1954 Postcards of Hiroshima Under Recontruction, Part I


Caption reads:   By the bomb the Kinza was changed into desert.  In this present 5 years it is reconstructed as it was before.

Caption reads:  Industrial Hall in memory of the atomic Bomb.  (About 150 meters from main bomb place).  Atomic Bomb really shows how the damage condition are and Industrial Hall is one of it to be counted in.  It makes the citizen think over how it was in those days.

Captions read:  (L) Hiroshima Daibutsu which is dedicated for the memory of the victims who fell in the A-Bomb explosion.  (R)  The monument of those who were killed by A-Bomb.

Captions read: (L)  In the beginning, this garden belonged to marquis Asano, Former clan of Hiroshima.  But it was transferred to  Hiroshima prefecture since the age of Showa.  The old tree died and the famous garden was all burned.   (R)  Comond Mt. Akino-ko-Fuji, from A.B.C.C. on Hijiyama Hill.

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