Friday, March 8, 2013

April 27, 1954 Postcards of A-Bombed Hiroshima, Part II

Caption reads:  All in Flames.  Struck by the thermic rays almost all houses of the city were demolished and thrown into flames in an instant.  (Explosion Center viewed from Ujina Hichichome, 20 minutes after the explosion.)

Caption reads:  The Atomic Cloud.  The atomic cloud viewed from Ujina 20 minutes after the bomb explosion took place at a height of 570 meters, above the middle part of Hiroshima at 8, 15 a.m. on Aug. 6, 1945.  (Photo by Mr. G Kimura)

Caption reads:  Gas Tank.  A certain part of the painted gas tank was shaded from the thermic rays by the fixed ladder and underwent no change whatsoever, thus making the part quite distinct from the other.  (About 2,200 meters from Explosion Center)

The Dead Man's Shadow.  The granite front doorstep of the Osaka Bank has a mark resembling a human shape clearly distinguished from the other part affected by the explosion heat, making us suppose that a man was sitting there when the catastrophe took place.  (280 meters from Explosion Center)

Caption reads:   Ruins of the Explosion Center and vicinity.  (The Commercial Exhibition Hall on the right of the Bridge)


  1. Every thinking person would second that caption 'No More Hiroshimas'. I hope North Korea is listening.


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