Thursday, March 7, 2013

April 27, 1954 Postcards of A-Bombed Hiroshima, Part I

Caption reads:  What remains of commercial Exhibition Hall (150 meters from Explosion Center)

Captions read: (L) As the thermic rays struck the tombstone perpendicularly, the sides and the part shaded by the statue of JIZO (the guardian deity of Children) remained smooth while the other part became rough on the surface.   (R)  Almost all of the roof-tiles of Explosion Center was granulated on the surface attacked by an unimaginable heat of 5000ºC (what looks like a map is caused by the moss growing on the tile shutting out the ray)

Captions read:  One of the stones composing of a stupashaped tomb was slightly raised by the atomic blast and produced a crevice, but at that instant a fragmen of a brick came flying and accidentally filled the cavity as if by a trick of nature.  (520 meters from Explosion Center)

Motoyasu Bridge seems to have been attacked by the atomic blast in the middle part, as all the top stones of the lanterns placed there have considerably slanted out ward.  (Almost 100 meters from Explosion Center)

Captions read:  (L)  Ruins of the Main Street (the Teikoku Bank on the right, the former Sanwa Bank on the left)  (R)  Shintenchi (Amusement Quarter) & Neighborhood  (The steep concrete three-storied building is the Kirin Beer Hall)

NOTE:  The remainder of this packet of cards will be posted tomorrow. 

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