Wednesday, March 6, 2013

April 27, 1954 Hiroshima

Diary Entry:  April 27, 1954

"Cold, cloudy so all slept late.  Mr. Gloster & girls went to school.  They go to attached school at University.

Hiroshima University, April, 1954
Went to station & checked bags.  Saw bomb site, picture of people & things painted from memory by people who saw.  Walked through rubble.  Shadows burnt into roof tiles.  Photos of people injured very gruesome.  Shops selling melted rocks, bottles, etc.  Bought postcards from shop operated by Victim No. 1.  Did not see him.  Sometimes he strips to waist to show scars, etc. to people.  One building far away had plaster burned up in spots from rays.  

Went out to university.  Met some professors, told girls good-bye.  Children cleaning rooms, take off shoes.  Back to train.  Man on train showed us Himeji Castle.

Man at Kotoen shared taxi.  Home at 8:30."

NOTE:  Pictured above are the envelopes for the 2 sets of postcards purchased.  I will use the next several posts to share the cards and their captions. They are sad and sobering images.    


  1. Thanks for sharing these, photos and postcards, Ann.

  2. Thanks for your G+ posts as well! I always enjoy them.

  3. What an interesting blog, glad I took Thex's advice and paid my first visit.

  4. Mike, thanks so much for your comment and for taking a look at the blog. If there are events or specific dates that interest you it's probably easiest to use the search box on the home page. It's far from perfect, but can be helpful. I hope you find something of interest! Thanks again.


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