Wednesday, February 6, 2013

March 8 - 9, 1954 Gifts from Atami and Angela's Birthday

A little trunk for doll clothes
Diary Entry:  March 8, 1954

"Children up before 6:30 to see B.  Played with their gifts from Atami.  Wrote to Roger & walked to Bray's for a bit.  After lunch worked on Ann's slip & finished it after supper.  B went to Brays after supper to visit with Bruners--vice consul going home on leave.  No sitter so I stayed home."
A cricket cage

Diary Entry:  March 9, 1954

"Lovely day.  E.S.S. in the morning.  Then B went to culture center in Kobe after lunch.  Children & I took Becky Teele & went to Angela Jelliffe's 3rd birthday party.  Lovely cakes, nice party & rode home with Frances Bray."

Angela and Ann

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