Tuesday, February 5, 2013

March 5 - 7, 1954 Silver Bells, Birthdays and Kimonos

Diary Entry:  March 5, 1954

Bobby's kimono

"Sun shone so day not so long.  Margaret & Tommy came to play all morning.  Lunch day at school so Bob came home late.  Still working on Bob's kimono.  Yamada-san says she will make Ann's--easier to make than to tell me how.  Such a lot of work.  Jimmy's birthday so Bob ate supper with him."

Diary Entry:  March 6, 1954 

"Rebecca & Angela came early to have lunch with us.  Angela shy & lonesome but had a good time.  After lunch Bob went to a party at Bray's.  After Jelliffes left Ann & I walked up & Ann had cake & ice-cream.  Bray children came home with us & played.  Read new "Silver Bells" thru before bedtime."

Diary Entry:  March 7, 1954

"Cooked all morning.  Made gingerbread & mixed sweet rolls.  After lunch Yamada-san brought Ann's kimono to shorten.  Ann refused flatly to try it on.  Used another robe to measure & get it fixed.  Ann dressed up in it with tabi & geta after Yamada-san went home.  Children & I took walk into mts.

Wind terribly cold.  Found a lake.  Cities so plain on all sides.

Baked rolls & sent some to Yamada-san.  They were wonderful.  Painted a while after children in bed.  B home at 9:20."

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  1. Scrumptious gingerbread recipes one and all. I love gingerbread - and not just at Christmastime, but all year round. It's so nice with roasted peaches in the summer, poached pears in the fall, blueberry sauce in the late spring. My tummy is rumbling just thinking about it! :)

    Thank you very much for sharing that darling memory about your kids and the ground hog (chuck) with me, dear Ann. It really is a smile-inducing story (that reminded me of this time when I was quite young and a possum took up residence in the rhododendron bushes in our front yard; my mother was admit we not go near it, and we didn't, but my brother and I both thought it was super cute and named it "Blossom the Awesome Possum" because he/she was living amongst the rhododendron blooms).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Jessica, thanks for the comment! Sometime I'll have the recipes indexed so that readers don't have to use the cumbersome links!


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