Sunday, February 3, 2013

March 4, 1954 Bedlam in the Kindergarten

Diary Entry:  March 4, 1954

"B left at 7:30 for Tokyo & then on to Atami on Friday for general Fulbright meeting.  Ann & I went to kindergarten at 10:00 for birthday party. 

Mothers there rolling o'sushi.  Spread bamboo mat, then sheet of black seaweed, thin 1/2 in. layer of cooked rice.  In center part strips of cooked cucumber (tastes like cabbage), reconstituted fish,  watercress, chopped tiny red lobster, roll up & slice.  Looks very good and not too bad.  Seaweed is tough & medicinal tasting.  Children gave a doll festival play.  Had painted pictures of festival & their own dolls set up as one.  Children helped carry bowls to kitchen.  Raining hard so all stayed inside.  Bedlam.  Tables set up.  Each child had 10 pieces of o'sushi, tea & paper cup of popped mochi done over charcoal in kitchen.  Little colored cubes pop into round balls when heated.  Ate & then spent rest of day playing with children at home."

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