Sunday, February 17, 2013

March 27 - 28, 1954 The Glorious Day, The Lovely Sunday and Dumbo

Diary Entry:  Mar. 27, 1954

"A glorious day.  We took camera & went picture-taking of flowers around.

We have a mt. cherry in bloom in front of our house.  After lunch B went to Osaka to speak to Mainichi English Speaking Club.

Came home with a table scarf as a gift."

Diary Entry:  Mar. 28, 1954

"Lovely Sunday.  Went into Osaka mid-morning so Bob could have a haircut.  Got Ann some red shoes & Bob some tennis shoes.  After lunch in Sogas we went to see "Dumbo"--Japanese soundtrack but excellent picture.  "Nature's Half Acre" still nice.  Crowds can be rude--women slammed their purses in seats before a person had a chance to get out. Ann enjoyed part of picture but it got so hot in the theater."

NOTE: The Japanese release of Dumbo was March 13, 1954. For a peak:   


  1. I love how vivid those floral snaps still are nearly sixty years later. We got hit with more snow here this week, so I suspect it will be a while more still until we see any new blooms around these parts. These beautiful vintage flowers will tide me over until they do. :)

    Wishing you beautiful, relaxing Sunday, sweet Ann,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. It's warm and sunny here
    and I'd love to see some snow. I'm afraid our flowers will be fooled by this pre-spring weather, pop up and then be damaged by a hard freeze. Yes, those old Kodachromes are still strong. Thanks so much for writing and enjoy your wonderful Sunday!

  3. Ann you wouldn't belive that Dumbo was one of my absolute favourite movies when I was a child. The other favourite was Bambi. I still love both of them :-)

  4. Perfect, classic, timeless movies! Everyone seems to love Dumbo and I was so excited to find this little clip--it's still readily available in Japanese on DVD of course. I'm pretty certain it was my first movie...and it's so fun to hear that it's a favorite of yours! Isn't that "old style" animation great? Thanks!


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