Saturday, February 16, 2013

March 24 - 26, 1954 A Painting Lesson, Some Sewing and A Wonderful Day

Diary Entry:  Mar. 20, 1954

"Painting class all morning.  B went to Osaka looking for books.  Brought me a new Vogue, & McCall's pattern books."

Diary Entry:  Mar. 25, 1954

"Basted on dresses & got Elva Harper's machine at noon.  Did a lot of sewing.  Took hand sewing & visited with Jane Teele a while."

Diary Entry:  Mar. 26, 1954

"Up early & started sewing on my ramie dress.  Got machine work done so started on Ann's dress.  Got it all done & had Teruko-san make buttonholes on it.  Such a wonderful day we loafed in the yard." 

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