Friday, February 15, 2013

March 21 - 23, 1954 Eating Cake, Walking in the Mountains, Buying China and Walking on Stilts

Souvenir furoshiki, March, 1954

Diary Entry:  Mar. 21, 1954

"Spent all morning making cakes.  Wanted to send one to Yamada-san for making kimonos.  Had Japanese baking powder.  Cakes like steamed puddings so we ate them ourselves.  Cut ramie dress after lunch & then took walk into mts. with children.  Azaleas are budded.  To bed early since we had a Teidew."

Diary Entry:  Mar. 22, 1954

"Spent another morning making a cake for Yamada-san.  Then Teruko-san refused to take it to her.  She flatly refused.  We ate it.  Winnie brought Mrs. Thompson--new Fulbright family in Kobe--to meet me.  Talked only a minute. Sent stamps to Ruth Benton, letters to Mabel and to Metcalf kindergarten."

Diary Entry:  Mar. 23, 1954

"Wonderful day.  After lunch Kita-san stayed with children.  B & I went to Kobe.  Bought china to complete large dinner set.  Found shoes at Daimaru we liked but all too small.  Got some tortoise shell earrings.  B made stilts for Bob.  Had all neighborhood kids in yard after school."


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