Saturday, February 2, 2013

March 2 - 3, 1954 Lovely Wedding Kimonos and Painting Magnolias

Diary Entry:  March 2, 1954

"Winnie & I went into Kobe early & went to Palmore Clinic.  Walked on to Women's Club.  Art section gave demonstration of Japanese wedding.  Had a specialist in wig-making & a dresser to dress bride from Osaka.  Lovely kimono--one made of gold thread.  Mrs. Sawada saved Clara Kessler & me front row seats.  I took pictures.  Her camera was broken so she took notes.  We will share."

Diary Entry:  March 3, 1954

"Walked to Nigawa to paint at Edna Logans home--tatami house.  Lesson in magnolia.  Worked some on Bob's kimono.  Cut out a blouse from pattern Teruko-san helped me cut from a picture.  Ann is getting brave.  She went to Teeles alone to bring Becky up here to play.  Packed B's bag for trip to Atami."

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