Wednesday, February 13, 2013

March 19 - 20, 1954 Nigawa Kindergarten Graduation

Diary Entry:  Mar. 19, 1954

"Bob graduated from kindergarten today.  Graduates & other children all marched in to music, prayer.  Then passed out diplomas to graduates. Children went to front.  Bowed to pastor of Kwansei Gakuin church.  Took diploma.  Bowed & sat down.  Talk by pastor about children growing like seeds.  Wish that they grow & be students & never forget God.  Special awards to some, gifts to Miss Ogata (leaving) & Head teacher.  Speeches by 2 children.  Songs of congratulations by children to graduates.  Program of playlet, rhythm band & songs.  Band played Auld Lang Syne. Gifts to children of candy & cookies & mikan.  Small girl danced.

Teacher gave out song books, memory books & picture frame to each child.

Children sang "Sayonara Sensei" & went home."

The Nigawa Kindergarten, black paint left from wartime

Diary Entry:  Mar. 20, 1954

"Cloudy day for kindergarten picnic.  Bob didn't want to go.  Went to Harpers for awhile for children to play.  After lunch went to Teeles for awhile.  Cut Ann a kindergarten smock after supper."

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