Tuesday, February 12, 2013

March 18, 1954 Kindergarten Ends, The Jolly Cab Ride and Tell Me for Terumi

Diary Entry:  Mar. 18, 1954

"2 more days of school for Bob.  Today they took pictures of graduating class.  He brought home paintings, slippers, crayons, cushion, etc.  We have an invitation to graduation.  Bob's & Jimmy's names are in Eng. on Japanese program.  B & I left Ann with Kita-san to play with Becky (here before breakfast all over) & went to Osaka to fit his suit.  Picked out topcoat material too.  Cab hit an army Jeep (Japanese) but no damage.  Everyone laughed & on we went.  Went to Hankyu beauty parlor (Tell Me for Terumi) for permanent styling.  Finished product was nice and on the same order as average Japanese women.  B found movie star pictures with same style. I had the works for 2200 yen.  Bob went hiking with Brays.  Came home with pussy willows.  I came home on the train alone for first time."

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