Thursday, February 7, 2013

March 10 - 11, 1954 Painting, Choosing Material, Going to the Tailor and A Happy Time

Diary Entry:  March 10 - 11, 1954

"Painting class met here.  A confusing morning.  Bob refused to go to school saying, "It's the same thing everyday."  He watched us paint.  Doorbell rang constantly--Mrs. Outerbridge came twice & Mr. Ellis came to ask Mrs. Sawada about some brushes.  After lunch we left children with Kita-san & went to Osaka. Bought 4 pieces of ramie for Ann's dresses.  Shopped for B's suit & top coat material.  Found children some nylon sox at Daimaru & then found a piece of English worsted in Shiro-N.Y. at Hankyu for B's suit."

Diary Entry:  March 11, 1954

"A gloomy, rainy day.  Ann played alone & I cut out a dress for her (navy ramie) while Bob was at school & B had E.S.S. boys downstairs.  After lunch B went to tailor in Osaka to take material & be measured for his suit. Ann went to Becky's to play.  Bob & I made cookies & he helped make cornbread for supper.  Had a happy time."


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