Friday, February 1, 2013

March 1, 1954 The Kindergarten Doll Festival, The Wedding Kimono, The Tokonoma and Bonnie is 34

Diary Entry:  March 1, 1954

"After breakfast, children surprised me with Damascene bracelet & book on flower arranging.

I made cookies for R&R.  E.S.S. came.

Kindergarten invited to Iwasaki home to see doll festival.  Frances Bray & children & Bob, Ann & I went to kindergarten & met Miss Ogata & other children.  Walked to large home in Nigawa.  Family has son in kindergarten & 2 yr. old girl.  First we went upstairs to tatami room where dolls were displayed.  Tokonoma had special picture & flower arrangement.

After looking at dolls & singing appropriate songs went down to huge playroom.  Windows on two sides.  Many toys and 2 slides.  Small table set with tiny dishes.  Boxes of special festival food--candy o'sushi, popped mochi & bean candy with ginger.  Food passed around, basket of animal cookies, candy umbrellas, cold black tea sweetened, regular o'sushi, mikans.  We ate with children & then while they played we went into parlor for Japanese tea.  House used by army.  Still has western living room. Tea in special bowls, very thick and bitter.  Eat a bit of bean cake first, drink tea in 3-1/2 sips with loud noise on last 1/2 sip.  Hold bowl in both hands & keep up to face while drinking all.  Then served cups of green tea with puffed mochi in it.  Tasted good, salty--almost clear soup flavor.  Cookies, seaweed crax & puffed mochi served.  Mr. I showed 2 strip films--Japanese fairy tale & Uncle Remus story.  Showed slides of family & family trips.  Back into parlor.  Family album came out.  Talk about wedding pictures.  Gets out wedding kimonos.

Puts one on Frances & one on me.  Complete with lovely obi.  Gets out camera.  We pose in front of dolls separately & out in garden together.  My children thanked hostess politely.  All had a wonderful time.

Bonnie on her 34th birthday

Bob saw Kotatsu & said, "Mommy there's a hole under here."

NOTE: A kotatsu is a type of low table under which a heater is placed for warmth while sitting at the table.  


  1. Another wonderful trip down Bonnie Lane. Such an honor that he let them put the Kimonos on!

  2. Thank you, Margaret. You are so thoughtful to comment on the blog AND on the other post. Please never feel obligated, just enjoy the letters:-) I think it was a real treat for Mom to wear that family's special kimono.


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