Sunday, February 24, 2013

April 8, 1954 Looking at Furs, Buying Candy and Seeing Mt. Fuji

"As the ship sails up the coast of Japan you may see Mount Fuji on a clear day.   Mount Fuji is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world.  It is an inactive volcanic peak and is so tall there is always snow on the top.  It is such a final polishing."

(Dragon-fly Land:  Japan, Bonnie Belshe, 1955,)

Diary Entry:  April 8, 1954

"After lunch left children resting with Teruko-san & B & I went shopping for furs.  Looked at 2 shops at mink & marten.  I looked awful in both furs & they were too high--750. and 900. Got some candy for children & for Mishimuras.  Saw Mt. Fuji.  Just like pictures."

Postcard with Fuji in background

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