Saturday, February 23, 2013

April 6 - 7, 1954 Takusan Love, Spring Fields and The Train to Tokyo

Birthday card to Bonnie's mother, April, 1954

Diary Entry:  April 6, 1954

"A rainy day.  By mistake we have reservations made on two trains from Tokyo so B had to go to Osaka to straighten it out.  I washed my hair and packed for trip to Tokyo."

Diary Entry:  April 7, 1954

From the train window

"Taxi at door at 7:30.  Got to Osaka in plenty of time.  Had good seats on train.  Lovely, sunny day.  Fields are yellow with rape and green with wheat.  Some wheat is beginning to head.  Farmers turning fields with spades.

Even blocks of dirt line fields.  Others were breaking blocks with hoes. 

Got into station at rush hour but Sol met us & we took a taxi out."

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