Friday, February 22, 2013

April 4 - 5, 1954 Cherry Viewing Time, Chawanmushi and Springtime in Kyoto

Diary Entry:  April 4, 1954

"It's Sunday & a beautiful day.  Osaka station jammed with people on their way to view cherries.  Waited for three trains.  Crowds shoved & pushed.  Finally conductor spoke to them  and they stepped back.  We got on in an orderly fashion.  It's the first time I've been really mad in public.  In Kyoto we went to Bill & Darlene Schultz's house.  Lunch was Chawan-Mushi, tempura & fried pies with chicken & rice.  Old Japanese house.  Went into other half to see dolls of Mrs. Dods. Rooms and halls are enormous.  Lovely garden.  High wall, locked gate.  Went to silk mansion (wonderful garden), then zoo, & then ate Chinese dinner downtown.  Slept on futon."

Diary Entry:  April 5, 1954

"Cloudy day.  Went out early to look at silks.  Shops have been full of tourists from Caronia for two days.  They are buying silk in stacks.  Had a quick lunch at Schultz's & took early train home.  Children slept on train.  First nap in months.  Dashed to bank in Osaka & hurried on home."

NOTE: The Caronia was a Cunard Line cruise ship.
To watch chawan-mushi being made and for the recipe, see this entertaining video:   

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