Tuesday, February 26, 2013

April 10 - 12, 1954 The Forbidden City, Colorado, The Singing Cabbie, The Train Home, Postcards of Tokyo and The Wonderful Tailoring

Diary Entry:  April 10, 1954

"Bob a little pale & feels bad so I stayed with children while B went browsing.  Bobby L., Karen, Marge Griffith & her boys came over.  Finally got everyone cleaned up just before 4:00.  B came home & all of us went to Forbidden City for supper.  Sol, Ikeda & Bill Prause met us there to eat with us.  No ice cream so took kids to "Colorado" for cones.  All of us had them.  Took cab home.  Cabby sang songs for children all the way.  Stopped for gas.  When he drove off he said, "Goodbye, see you again!"  Sounded so funny.  Very late & very tired kids."

Diary Entry: April 11, 1954

"Children up early. After breakfast we packed & talked until 11:00 a.m. Took a train & bus to Tokyo Station.

Train was full so had some trouble finding seats together.  Finally all got settled together.  Sake was flowing.  A convention crowd was on the train but got off soon.  One passenger gave Bob some gum.  Later asked B where we were going.  Had ice cream, pop & candy bought from train girls.  Ate supper in diner.  children stayed awake.  Slept from Osaka.  Went right to sleep when they got in bed."

Diary Entry:  April 12, 1954

"We are all so tired.  Rain poured all morning so Sukuda-san hung wash in attic.  Sun came out, lovely in afternoon.  Bob took a nap.  B went to Osaka for suit & topcoat at the tailor's.  Such wonderful tailoring.  We are very pleased."

NOTE:  Transportation images are from the kids' book purchased in Tokyo, August, 1953.

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