Tuesday, February 19, 2013

April 1, 1954 Visiting the Inoues in Toyonaka

Diary Entry:  April 1, 1954

"Teruko-san pulled April fool joke on me.  

We went with Brays on train to Toyonaka to visit in middle class Japanese home.  Cherries are beautiful & everywhere.  At Toyonaka we took bus to end of line & walked up a lane lined with cherry trees.  It was in the country.  Old house with new wing of two western furnished rooms & a bathroom--not flush but very deep pit & latest Japanese style.  Garden all new & full of flowers.  Took off shoes.  Home & land owned by Grandmother.  Daughter, husband & two children (3-1/2 & 7) live with her.

Daughter--Mrs. Inoue is a high school teacher.  Husband works for telephone co.  Mrs. I spent yr. in Mills College.  She's very modern & very nice.

For lunch we had heaps of sukiyaki, Japanese salad of cucumbers, cabbage, pork & vinegar, rice, tea & fruit.  In our furoshiki we took our rice & a big bag of cookies.  When we left our furoshiki was full (fruit & some shells for Bob). Child Tomoko-chan had a lovely collection--gave Bob the extras.  After lunch we had long talk on education."

From Bonnie's album
NOTE:  We were saddened to learn recently of Frances Bray's passing and are thinking of her family.  Use the link to read about her life of distinguished service.


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