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January 5 - 7, 1954 The Laughing Game, Chocolate Pie and The Teeles

Let's Play the Laughing Game

Cat:  "Say rabbit, be careful where you put the  lips."

Rabbit:  "Oh, help, I can't see anything.  Where is it?"

All of the animals are laughing for this is a funny, happy game.

Ann, Bob, & Angela Jelliffe on a cold day in need of the laughing game!

Diary Entry:  Jan. 5, 1954

"B went to Kobe to culture center.  Call came late that Bill & Darlene Schultz would be down from Kyoto." 

Diary Entry:  Jan. 6, 1954

"Made choc. pie for dinner.  Bill & Darlene came about 11:00.  Good dinner at noon.  Good visit.  B & Bill walked up mountain.  Light supper & visited until about 8:00.  B walked to Nigawa with them." 

The mountain
On Yuko Ikeda's map (Kwansei Gakuin archives), note that a walk from KG and our house to Nigawa would take only a few minutes.

Diary Entry:  Jan. 7, 1954

"Got ready to go to Teele's for lunch.  Stayed and talked about Fulbright possibilities for the Teeles.  Bob stayed & played with Becky.  

Started cutting stencils for B when Winnie came.  Went with her to Itami to get her girls from school.  Went to Jackie's (Ayotte) & there was a man there showing beautiful linens.  Stopped to buy vegetables from man at gate.  Home for supper."

NOTES:  Family friends in Japan were  missionaries who lived on the row and Fulbright families.  The Teeles were missionaries in Nishinomiya from 1940-50.  Prior to that, they served in China.  Dr. Teele was a scholar of Japanese literature.  After leaving Japan, the Teele's moved to Texas.  Dr. Teele was the Chair of the Dept. of Oriental and African Languages and Literature at the Univ. of Texas, Austin.

Winnie Harbin, often mentioned in the letters and diary was also a missionary who with her husband, Van, lived in Nishinomiya from 1950-72.  She taught English conversation at Kwansei Gakuin as well as Bible classes in her home.

I am grateful to Kwansei Gakuin archivist, Yuko Ikeda, for sending me an excellent resource, "A Biographical Dictionary of Methodist Missionaries to Japan: 1873-1993."  It has been interesting for me to read about our missionary neighbors.
NOTE:  Use the link if you want to find the chocolate pie recipe;

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