Friday, January 4, 2013

January 4, 1954 Sukiyaki with Sake and The Brays Electric Train

New Year's Dishes

"Elephant:  "Give me one more ozo-ni, please."  

Lion:  "Oh, how delicious this omo-chi is."  

Badger:  "Oh, I can't eat anymore."  

Squirrel:  "Oh boy, look at his stomach." 

Giraffe:  "How sticky this omo-chi is."

New Year's decoration

Diary Entry:  Jan. 4, 1953

"Rain!  Stayed in all day.  Teruko-san made sukiyaki for supper and used sake in it and it was delicious.

Caption reads:  Sukiyaki, the most popular recipe, the "friendship dish" best known and loved by our foreign friends.

After supper we went to Brays for dessert and to play with electric train.  Children had a wonderful time."

NOTES:  Images and recipe are from The Japanese Cookbook:  100 Favorite Japanese Recipes for Western Cooks, by Aya Kagawa, M.D., Tokyo, 1953.  Omo-chi is the rice cake and ozo-ni is a soup which contains a rice cake served for New Years.


  1. The illustrations are delightful and I do so enjoy reading the recipes.

  2. Thanks Merryl! I enjoy the recipes too. The New Years stories and illustrations are about to come to an end, but I thought they were fun too.


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