Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 31 - Feb. 2, 1954 Bobby Gets Mail, Clam Problems, Western Home for Japanese Living and A Telephone for Missionary Row

Diary Entry:  Jan. 31, 1954

"Waited all day for Bob Shelton to come.  He's here for Food & Drug Dept. to do a sanitary survey of clam beds & how clams are processed for export.  U.S. will not import frozen ones so Japanese govt. wanted help on the problem.  Bobby has a cold so we kept him in all day.  Harbin girls came in morning & I helped them paint.  Bob never came."

Diary Entry:  Feb. 1, 1954

"House like Grand Central Station.  Men are putting in the telephone--9 men.  Had lunches with them & came to ask for tea.  Sat in sun against house to eat their lunch & smoke awhile.  Made cookies for R&R.  B had to fix washing machine.  Bray children came to play.  Went to R&R & enjoyed it all.  Devotional, prayer, talk, songs, movie, games, coffee & cookies."

Diary Entry:  Feb. 2, 1954

"Women's Club day.  Program was on "Using Japanese products in Western Homes".  Lovely furnished room (living) for western house.  Daimaru Dept. Store supplied furnishings.  Happy to do it because they never see Western houses & don't know how to use their products in Western houses.  Canned foods displayed--baking powder only thing unsatisfactory.  Materials and garments on display."

Western style house being built for Japanese living, 1954

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