Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 3, 1954 An Ordinary Day

The Horse's Year

"Hihiin, Hihiin."  Happy New Year, dear horse.  This is your year.  We congratulate you and hope you have a nice year."

New Year's decoration

Diary entry:  Jan. 3, 1953

"Cloudy, drizzly day.  Children wanted to stay home and play so we did not even take a walk.  Japanese boys came to play awhile."


  1. Enjoying the New Year's posts!

  2. That illustration is so wonderfully cute! I could easily imagine it (or a copy) framed and hanging on a nursery wall, couldn't you?

    Thank you very much for your terrifically kind comment on my blogging schedule post, dear Ann. Just as you admire my writing, so too do I greatly admire the work, dedication and desire to preserve history that your lovingly pour into all of your wonderful posts.

    ♥ Jessica


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