Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 27 - 30, 1954 Camellias, Cabbage and Creativity

Diary Entry:  Jan. 27, 1954

"Another painting lesson--camellias--used color with sumi.  B took picture of Stubbs' New Year's cabbage--is still pretty.

Left children with Teruko-san & went to bank in Osaka.  Window shopped.  Prayer meeting here tonight.  B is talking on creativity.

Everyone but one came for prayer meeting.  All stayed late." 

Diary Entry: Jan. 28, 1954

"B went to see Viet Nam in Kobe on Thursday.  Spent short time in culture center & then went shopping for groceries."

Diary Entry:  Jan. 29, 1954

"Oil heater in bathroom went haywire so I spent morning scrubbing.  Teruko-san's day off & it had to be done."

Diary Entry:  Jan. 30, 1954

"Clara Kessler came to spend the day with us.  She brought the children a big box of cookies & some jelly beans.  Mr. and Mrs. Jelliffe & Angela came for dinner.  All had a good visit."

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