Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 24 - 26, 1954 A Japanese Home for Western Living

Diary Entry:  Jan. 24, 1954

"Nicky Teele came to play after Sunday School.  Had his Bible & song books--all in Japanese.  B took children to river to dig in sand."

Diary Entry:  Jan. 25, 1954

"Sunny, windy day.  Snowed off & on all day but not enough to keep wash from drying."

Diary Entry:  Jan. 26, 1954

"Went with Francis Bray & Winnie Harbin to see a Japanese home made for western living.  Eurasian (Chinese) woman owned the house.  Red carpets, blond furniture.  Much bamboo.  Guest house was tatami.  Paid 50 yen for our coffee as usual.  After lunch walked up river with children to gather stones.  Light snow on but gone by noon." 


  1. The weather described here sounds precisely like what we're experiencing here today, too. What a neat seasonally dictated coincidence.

    Sorry it I've been slightly MIA lately. For some completely inexplicable reason, our home internet service went down last week and just came back this morning after six days, so I'm rather behind on tons of online going-ons (blog feeds very much included). Other than that though, things have been well and the first half (isn't that hard to believe?!) of January certainly wasn't an unpleasant one at all. I really hope that same was true for you as well, dear Ann.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Never be concerned and it's always nice to hear from you! On most days I feel fortunate to have time to put up a post and read a few others'!


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