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January 20 - 23, 1954 Learning to Paint

Diary Entry:  Jan. 20, 1954

"Went to Stubbs' at 10 a.m. for first Japanese painting lesson.  Mrs. Sawada brought materials--flat colors, 2 brushes, practice papers & a book for model pictures.  First lesson was bamboo. She did demonstration in book then helped us perfect ours on practice paper.

B took camera to Kobe to get shots of Bonseki exhibition by Mrs. Tamasu.  

Mrs. Tamasu's Bonseki exhibit

E.S.S. (Freshmen) at 4:30.  Station meeting at 8:00."

NOTESRachel Stubbs, a missionary friend and neighbor served in Tokyo, Kobe, India and the U.S. as well as at Kwansei Gakuin from 1951-1966.

The watercolor books are very interesting and quite lovely.  They are bound in silk and each painting folds in the center in accordian-like fashion. There are 2 books and the paintings are of birds, flowers, plants and scenery. I will post images of the paintings regularly and have watermarked the images to indicate whether the image is of Bonnie's painting or that of her teacher, Mrs. Sawada.

Bonnie's brushes

Diary Entry:  Jan. 21, 1954

"Cold but sunny.  B & I invited to Koshien Hotel by Consulate General Blake & Public Affairs Officer Mikoto to see premiere of "Arts of Japan" - cocktail party afterwards.  B walked to Jelliffe's & went in taxi with them. I stayed home."

Diary Entry:  Jan. 22, 1954

"Cold & windy.  After children in bed we went to Teele's to see slides President Imada took during his trip to India.  Fuji film color slides inferior to Kodachrome but pretty good."

Diary Entry:  Jan. 23, 1954

"Francis Bray & Jane Teele asked me to go to K.G. church women's meeting at Imada's but Teeles coming for supper so can't go.  

Teele's came for supper.  Teruko-san fixed a wonderful dinner as usual.  I made cream puffs for dessert--made a real hit.  We just talked afterwards.  Children didn't want to leave but had Japanese teacher coming to go over Sun. School lesson.  They go to Japanese S.S.  Teacher comes every Sat. night & helps them with songs & lessons."

Mrs. Sawada's demonstration lesson book
Stamp of Bonnie's name and ink, used to sign her paintings

NOTE: If interested in the Cream Puff recipe:  

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