Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2, 1954 A Walk in the Rain

The First Sunrise

"Happy New Year to Everybody."  It is the first sunrise of the new year.  These animals who live in the mountain are welcoming the beautiful sunrise upon the mountain.  They are also welcoming the happy and peaceful New Year."

New Year's decoration

Diary Entry:  Jan. 2, 1954

"Worked around the house until after lunch.  All went to Jelliffe's in the rain but it was a nice walk.  Japanese woman came out of house and offered us another umbrella.  We declined for we had 3.  Jelliffes were giving party for their help.  They were having rice cakes & Toso.  We had some toso." 

NOTE:  Toso is a type of spiced sake typically served at New Years.

NOTE:  You may recall the Boy Scout from Nishinomiya we met on the Hikawa Maru. This delightful illustration of the "Process of the Sake" is from the tourist booklet he provided.  

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