Friday, January 18, 2013

February 3 - 5, 1954 Plum Blossoms, Setsubun and The Bad Fish Sandwich

Mrs. Sawada painting the plum blossoms
Diary Entry:  Feb. 3, 1954

"Painting lesson was plum blossoms.  Have 6 in class now even if teacher did say she wanted only 5.  Today was Setsubun (last day of winter)according to old calendar).  Priests & notables, three beans (soy) at shrines.

Kobe Setsubun event, priests throwing beans, Feb. 1954
People throw beans thru houses & yards to chase out bad luck & make room for good luck.  A favorite day for weddings--good luck.  B went to Kobe for pictures."

Diary Entry: Feb. 4, 1954

"Spent the day in bed after getting very sick in the night.  Started taking Dr. Barber's choc. stuff."

Diary Entry:  Feb. 5, 1954

"Still sick but better and very weak.  Discovered later a fish sandwich I ate at Women's Club caused it.  Miss Kessler, Mrs. Bray had same trouble."


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying seeing the evolution of Bonnie's artwork.

  2. Me too! It was an interesting approach to instruction with specific outcomes--bamboo, flowers, birds, etc. I'm glad you're enjoying them!


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