Thursday, January 31, 2013

February 28, 1954 A Note to Bonnie's Sister, A Wedding Demonstration and A Honeymoon Destination

Dear Sister & All,

"The kids are in their room resting and B has a bunch of students downstairs so I'll see how far I can get with this.  It is a real spring day.  It is cloudy and misting rain but is so warm I had some of the windows open this morning.  We haven't had any winter yet but just the same I'll be glad when it is officially spring.  It is spring now according to the old Japanese calendar.  All of the snow and real cold missed us completely.  We are protected by the mts. & the sea and it is really a wonderful place to live.

B is going up near Tokyo next week to a Fulbright meeting for a few days.  The Fulbright commission is paying expenses and housing the people in one of the hotels at this honeymoon spot.  I guess it will be safe for me to let B go alone.  I'll have to be satisfied with the pictures he takes.  They say it is a very beautiful place.

We are beginning to think of ships.  We had brief hopes of coming home by way of Europe but shipping lines will not take yen for transportation.  They have to have the unholy American dollar.  Fulbright has special permission from the government to convert enough yen into dollars to get us home the shortest way and on a Japanese boat so that will be the way we'll have to come, I guess.  It would take a lot of yen to go by Europe if they would let us and we'd have to scimp on things we would like to have but we thought it would be worth it.  But it is out of the question now.

A pearl man brought his wares to the house and we bought a string of pearls and a pair of earrings.  Our missionary friends gave us his name and we asked him to come.  I am really thrilled with them.

We haven't taken any long trips lately but seem to be seeing something new all of the time.  We went to see a Noh play on Sunday.  Next Tuesday a Japanese bride is going to model all of her wedding clothes for the Women's Club.  They will explain wedding details as she models.  I'm planning on taking notes and using the camera for the first time.  B usually takes the pictures but he can't go this time.

We still get the Mirror It is always a month behind but we enjoy it.  We get 3 daily papers in English so we keep up with things at home.

Is there anything special you'd like us to bring you from Japan?  Time is going fast and we'll be on our way home before we know it."




  1. Hi there Ann do you still have the pearls Bonnie bought all those years ago. I'm not a pearl person myself but Mum still has the string of pearls Dad gave her to wear when they got married. They have gone a beautiful creamy pink colour.

  2. Hi! Yes, go back a couple of posts and they are pictured. Pearls seem to be making a comeback with younger women here--there are tons of them in the stores. "First thing you put on, last to take off" I heard a salesman say--ha! Nice to hear from you, as usual!


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