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February 27 - 28, 1954 Shopping Kyoto, A Piece of Antique Jade, About Atami and The Hot Springs of Japan

Notecards of Kyoto
Diary Entry:  Feb. 27, 1954

"B & I started to Kobe.  Stubbs asked us to ride to Nishinomiya & then Rachel persuaded me to go to Kyoto with them.  Went to Yamamoto first to look at screens.  Lovely silks, embroidery, old dishes, etc.  Strolled in and out little shops looking at satsuma (porcelain), antiques, etc.  Went to Red Lantern & looked at prints.  Found piece of jade in antique store.  

Jade shown on packet of notecards to show size

Had lunch in car.  Went to Mishimura to see lacquer, Ushida block printing, damascene--saw a beautiful silver  bracelet called smoked silver.  Such lovely silver work is done here.  Got home soon after six.  Telegram from Fulbright inviting children to Atami.  Plans all upset again."

Diary Entry:  Feb. 28, 1954

"B went to see if Jelliffes wanted to change plans & all go to Atami to Fulbright meeting.  No changes so I'll stay home.  He then went to Kobe to check reservations to Atami.  Teruko-san showed me how to draft a pattern--big job.  Yamada-san brought Bob's kimono & showed us how to begin putting it together.  After supper I made sleeves--hard work & lots of sewing."

"In the spring and fall people crowd onto the trains to go to the hot springs.  Since the islands of Japan are part of a volcanic chain of mountains, the hot springs are found throughout the country.

The hottest spring in Japan is at Atami.  Many others are in the area and the nearness of Tokyo has helped make this one of the most famous resort spots in Japan.  

The hot springs contain various minerals which are supposed to be healing for many ailments.  The people bathe in the springs and also drink the special water.  Hot spring bathing has become so popular that the government sets up the rules for them.  Some springs are national resorts so more people can enjoy the baths at a cheaper price."

(Dragon-fly Land:  Japan, by Bonnie Belshe, 1955)


NOTE:  The black and white images above are from the book, Japan, which is a series of smaller books, each covering a different topic.


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