Tuesday, January 29, 2013

February 25 - 26, 1954 Margaret Turns Five, The Ringing Doorbell and Bonnie Selects Pearls

This is Margaret
Diary Entry:  Feb. 25, 1954

"A lovely, sunny & warm day.  Margaret Bray had a birthday luncheon.  Ann wore a dress--she was so thrilled & has grown so much her dress was too short. Margaret is 5 and about same size as Ann. A beautiful child."

Margaret and Ann with Becky Teele

Diary Entry:  Feb. 26, 1954

"Workmen working on the flush boxes.  Door bell ringing--another day of confusion.  Mr. Ono brought his pearls to show us.  He is an exporter.  After long deliberation we selected a string of cream matched pearls & earrings to match.  25,000 yen ($70) for pearls and 5,000 yen ($14) for the earrings.  My birthday gift from B."


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