Monday, January 28, 2013

February 22 - 24, 1954 'Tis True the Eggs are Fresh, The Craftsmen and The Doctor

Diary Entry:  Feb. 22, 1954

"Sukuda-san came to wash.  Hope to give Teruko-san more time to sew.  Talked with Rachel Stubbs a bit.  Woman brought her eggs.  Rachel had been to buy eggs.  Woman had more.  Told Rachel she'd have to wait.  Hens were cackling as Rachel left & woman brought warm eggs.  Sign on store advertizes eggs so fresh they are still warm--'tis true. Stores close 3 days each month--some 2,12,22 and choose days with same number as 8,18,28."

Diary Entry:  Feb. 23, 1954

"B took Kita-san and went to Kyoto to take pictures of making damascene, cloisonne, lacquer & block printing.  Came home convinced they are sweat shops.  Each individual finishes his own piece of damascene.  Lacquer work is mostly done in homes.  Only a few workers to show process."

Diary Entry:  Feb. 24, 1954

"Painting class met here.  Had planned to meet with Jane but she is sick so they came here. As soon as lunch was over I bathed Ann then Bob to go for a check-up with Dr. Carey in Kobe.  She is a '45 graduate of Yale.  Nice clinic, took shoes off, left in lockers & used felt slippers.  She checked children, gave us all skin test for T.B. Bob was 47 2/3 inches tall, weighed 49 9/10 lbs.  Ann was 37 2/10 inches tall, 34 7/10 lbs." 

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