Friday, January 25, 2013

February 17 - 19, 1954 Painting Orchids, Seeing "The Robe" and Kimono Material

Diary Entry:  Feb. 17, 1954

"Ann is getting brave.  B needed to go to Osaka.  My painting lesson day, so we asked Ann to stay with Teruko-san.  She said o.k. and we went off with her very happy.  Painted Chinese orchid today--a wild flower.

Children went to Teele's to play after naps so I cut Ann a jumper.  Bob brought Xmas play picture from kindergarten."

Diary Entry:  Feb. 18, 1954

"Went to Kotoen to shop in morning.  Got material for Bob & Ann each a kimono and Ann some slips.  Spent afternoon sewing on Ann's slips and a jumper."

Diary Entry:  Feb. 19, 1954

"Took children & Teruko-san to Jelliffe's.  Left them there to have lunch and went with Jelliffes into Osaka to see "The Robe".  Lovely, huge theater--even had boxes.  After movie went to Takashimaya and ate lunch.  Got children some comics for 5 yen--must be p.x. discards.  Came back for children.  Had coffee & cookies at Jelliffes & on home.  Station meeting at Outerbridges." 


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