Wednesday, January 23, 2013

February 14 - 15, 1954 To Osaka for a Noh Play

Diary Entry:  Feb. 14, 1954

"Rain mixed with snow.  Bob and Ann went to Winnie's with a dozen red carnations for her & spent the morning there.  We left house at 10:30 with Roy Teele--met Jelliffes and went to Osaka to see a Noh play.  Very ordinary building but inside was a lovely theater.  Noh stage built like house without walls.  Back wall has pine painted on it--no other furnishings.  A lecture.  Talked an hour.  Play "Tadanori"--great warrior poet who was a rebel & died in battle.  Poems printed anonymously in court anthology.  Reincarnated warrior tells wandering priest of his grief over this.  Asks priest to tell new rulers of his sorrow.  Noh is part singing.  Orchestra composed of flute, 2 drums & drummer "howl" really sounded like snoring & howling dogs.  Dance is very slow.  See from only one eye in mask.  Sits center pillar to keep bearings.  Chorus singing very beautiful.  2 prop men to pick up what actors lay down--cane, etc."

Diary Entry:  Feb. 15, 1954

"Finally finished tweed suit." 


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