Monday, January 21, 2013

February 10 - 11, 1954 The Funeral and The Robe

Diary Entry:  Feb. 10, 1954

"Painting lesson--bamboo & camellias.  Capacity class of six.  Walked to Kobe College & saw funeral procession on way back.

Could hear drums & cymbals long before procession in sight.  Men in front carried long white paper streamers (about 12"x4'or 5') on pole and Guest book (left side family names, right one friends names).  Men carrying baskets of flowers next, then boxes of food--ricecakes, mikans, colored daicon (good for men's spirit).  Then came priests in beautiful robes.  Two front ones had cymbals which they clanged to chase away evil spirits so man's spirit could go to heaven.  High priests with prayer beads.  Man at sides carrying huge red bamboo umbrellas for priest.  The came casket covered with lovely brocade cloth carried by men in white kimonos.  Chief mourners followed, chanting prayers on beads.  Many strikingly white tabi. Mourners wore brown wooden prayer beads around their necks or carried them."


Diary Entry:  Feb. 11, 1954

"Winnie took all the maids to see "The Robe".  We all paid their admission.  Teruko-san changed her yasumi (day off) to Thursday so she can take lessons on her knitting machine.  Gave 6500 yen for it but makes sweaters."



  1. Ann I remember 'The Robe' it was a great movie like 'The Ten Commandments' and 'Ben Hur'. These classics are often replayed on TV on Sunday afternoons and I make a point of watching them or should I saw re-watching them.

  2. Nice to hear from you--thanks! I think Ben Hur might have been my first bigger-than-life adventure film!


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