Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 8 - 9, 1953 A Little Tea Kettle, Water Bottles and Playing Ball on Kwansei Gakuin Campus

Ann, Bobby and the new canteens

Diary Entry:  Nov. 8, 1953

"Took early train to Imasu.  Walked trying to find a sandy beach.  Saw people fishing but couldn't get to beach.  Many industries down by water. Bought a little tea kettle to take in suitcase on trips.  Also got the children little water bottles.  After naps the Newton family (Myrtle Benton's sister)came to see us.  They live in Rokko.  Are going home soon. Went to campus to play ball with children. Japanese children joined in ball game and all had a wonderful time."

Diary Entry:  Nov. 9, 1953

"Spent morning shampooing my hair and Ann's hair.  Went with Winnie to the hydroponic farm and bought a lot of vegetables.  Letter to Sorensens."

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