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November 28 - December 1, 1953 The Mino Park Maples, The Futon and Doughnuts

Diary Entry:  Nov. 28, 1953

"A bright cold day.  As soon as Bob came from school we took the train to Mino to see maple leaves.  Such wonderful colors.  A mountain hike along a stream.  Women gathering leaves from water.

Stalls selling leaf tempura.  Went into a pottery shop.  Woman potter showed us her kiln & workroom.  Found some interesting shells for Bob's collection in a second hand store."

Diary Entry:  Nov. 29, 1953

"Uneventful day.  Went into Kobe to shop.  Futon was delivered.  Very lovely but tremendous.  How will we get it to U.S.?"

The Futon

Diary Entry:  Nov. 30, 1953

"Children painted pine cones.  I made doughnuts in the afternoon.  Lovely warm day."

Diary Entry:  Dec. 1, 1953

"Went to Women's Club with Winnie.  Christmas customs from many lands was program.  Lovely pageant to scripted reading & then papers written about various customs in different lands were read--Germany, Sweden, England, Holland and U.S.  Beautiful trees set up in basement. Refreshments were Christmas goodies from all lands."  

Note:  For the doughnut recipe: 

We still use the futon.  It truly is huge, very heavy, very warm and fills an entire steamer trunk. Underneath the fabric is the raw silk.  Bonnie recovered it in the 60s (shown above)and Bob said he was afraid that the choice of fabric would keep people awake.

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  1. Wow an original futon. They are very popular here in Australia. I love the colours of Japanese Maples and they are used extensively in Australian gardens and street plantings.


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