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November 24 - 27, 1953 Thanksgiving and The English Speaking Society (ESS)

Diary Entry:  Nov. 24, 1953

"Bobby back in school after being out a week (Levine's visit & Shikoku trip).  B wrote thank you letter to Matsushita."

Diary Entry:  Nov. 25, 1953

"Made cookies for B's ESS group.  Walked to co-op for paper and Kita-san mimeographed our Xmas letter."

Diary Entry:  Nov. 26, 1953

"Worked around house getting ready for ESS.  Addressed Xmas letters."

Diary Entry:  Nov. 27, 1953

"Bought some cranberry sauce from Winnie.  Today is Thanksgiving.  Not very cold but is raining tonight.  Had a good chicken dinner.  ESS came this afternoon.  Had tea & brownies.  Patty Stubbs played with Bob & Ann.  I heard Bob tell her that Miss Ogata (his teacher) is a "nice gal".  Finished Xmas letters & cards."  

First photo sent home in letter, Nov., 1953
Note:  In 1998, the (ESS) English Speaking Society of Kwansei Gakuin University celebrated its 100th year.   In 1953, the ESS was the sponsoring organization for the All Japan High School Oratory Contest, still held today, and described by Bonnie in an earlier post when she was one of the judges. This year was the 61st for the contest.  In 1958, students competed for what had proudly become the Churchill Trophy.  Special thanks to Yuko Ikeda of the KGU Archives for sharing the history of this organization as well as the image below.

For additional information about the ESS from the Kwansei Gakuin archives, use this link: 

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